under the sea/

tram lines\

nothing yet has broken
me/not the rush of water
nor the perpetual blue
moods/i’ve come up for a breath
only to see the sky and to
check if you’re still there/
the vessel you sail into
the divide/the grapefruit clouds that 
speckle the horizon/
the whole world suspended/
floating on air/


awe i love this

bunnywrites bunnywrites Said:

Hi fuck face!!


This is what happens when you save baby duckies…people draw you??

by ThePisForPenis



Check out these authentically genuine forgeries that I drew but didn’t that @boxerhockey (Tyson Hesse) drew and has been trying to sell at incredibly reasonable prices!  Why is nobody buying these??

Yep, that looks like Squib alright.  YOU GO, SQUIB!



….thanks for all the birthday love SLC!

This…..cannot be described as anything other than amazing…
Thank you


My old friend, how I love to be embraced in your velvety darkness, your pinpricks in a blanket twinkling above my head. It doesn’t matter where I am, whether it be standing on the edge of some vast wilderness, or the shores of a forgotten beach you take away the prying eye of the sun and replace…

This is beautiful


Can’t beat the pulps.


Tonight we dance

Tonight i will sing a drunken lullaby 

The rhythm will carry me to my bed of thorns

Tonight we’ll stumble over broken hearts and bare feet

Tonight we dance

And ill sing you a lullaby

Lets forget until tomorrow


It’s Tornadoing Men by Do-Ho Suh

Invoking the power of many joined in ideology, this swirling vortex of tiny men stacked on eachother’s shoulders is hung from the ceiling in densely packed strains, the varying colors resembling a slowly churning Doppler effect.

(via: colossal)

Clearly, anyone else attempting this “art” thing should just give up, because you cant do this.

We’ll float around until something catches
A snag to anchor
The rest is history


The bullet that shot me down
A scar to remember you by
Thank you lover
Happily ever after

i know i shouldn’t i know i shouldn’t but im struggling with the idea status reads “im fine” im fine, im fine we were never meant for good …for keeps i tried